Frequently Asked Questions

Account Information

How do I open an account?
Click on “Accounts”, select "Open Live Account" and enter the required details. Our sales and marketing team will then contact you on how to proceed further. 

Is the Monex Investindo Futures’ Agreement form available in different languages?
At the moment the agreement form is only available in Indonesian

What is the minimum deposit to open an account?
The minimum deposit with which you can open a forex or index account is Rp 50m, equivalent to $4,090 (as of October 2014). 

Can I trade with a minimum lot size of 0.1?
Yes. If clients have completed their registration online it is possible to trade with minimum lot size of 0.1.  

How do I credit my account?
Monex can only accept funds that have been wired from an account that carries the name of the client. Please see the following wiring instructions.

How do I withdraw my money?
Just fax us a withdrawal form and we will wire the funds to the bank account with which you registered.

Do you accept credit card or cheques?
We accept wire transfers only.

Can I transfer funds from my account to the account of another client?
No, it is forbidden to transfer funds between different client accounts and third parties

Does Monex pay interest on the outstanding balance?
No, because it is a trading account, not a bank account.


How do I download Monex Trader?
Please fill out the demo sign-up form. Once you have completed the form you will receive an email telling you to download Monex Trader.

Can I install Monex trader on Mac?
Monex Trader is supported only by Windows operating systems.

Can I use Monex on a smart phone or PDA?
Yes, Monex mobile trader can be using on smart phone or PDA using android mobile operating systems.

How do I change my password?
On the menu bar click “Tools > Options > Server tab > Change”.

What is the investor password?
The investor password is used to view only: you cannot trade if you login using the investor password.

What is the phone password?
We provide phone trading services for clients if they have a problem logging into to their accounts. 

Demo Accounts

How do I get a demo account?
Please fill out the demo sign-up form. Once you have completed the form you will receive an email message to download Monex Trader.

How long is the demo account active?
You can try it out for 30 days.

Can I use Expert Advisor on a demo account?
Yes, Expert Advisor is enabled on demo accounts.

Can we use Trailing Stop?
Yes, this option is enabled too.

What if I want to extend my demo account?
This is not possible, but you can create another demo account by clicking “File > Open an account”.

Do you provide news?
You will receive real-time market news provided by the Dow Jones newswire on the live account.

Live Account

I have opened an account. How do I login and start trading?
You will receive an email message with login, password, investor password and phone password details (phone password only available for client with deposit amount above of IDR 100,000,000). Please follow the steps below:

  • Open Monex Trader, click “File > Login” and enter your login and password details.
  • In the “Server” field select “Monex Server”.
  • Click “Login”.

How do I get a copy of my transaction history?
All transactions will be recorded and sent to your account email at the end of day.

I want to trade but I cannot login to the server. What should I do?
Please contact us by phone.

Can I use Expert Advisor or Trailing stop?
Yes, absolutely.


Trading Error

I have logged in to the server but I cannot do any trading. What happened?
Double check that you have entered the correct password; not the investor password.

That chart windows say “Waiting for update”, what should I do?

  • Close that chart window and then reopen it by right clicking on the select symbol then select Chart window.
  • Click on the symbol and drag it into the chart window.

I cannot do any trading, the message is “Trade Context is busy”, what should I do?
Close your application and login again.

I received “Off Quotes”, message while trading at specific symbol.
Please check transaction session in product.

After I completed a trade I got a message saying “re-quote”. Why?
It is caused by the price on the server differing with the client side. This message may occur due to:

  • Market movement
  • Slow internet connection

My Internet connection is fine but I cannot login to the server. Why?
It could be because:

  • A port is blocked; consult with your technician to unblock port 443
  • An internet issue; check your internet provider has connection to the US.

How to use Monex Trader

Is there a user guide for Monex Trader?
Yes, on the platform select “Help > Help Topic”.

Can I change the time?
No, The time displayed on Monex Trader is using the server time which is GMT+2

Can I change the language used?
On Menu Bar select “View > Languages” then restart Monex Trader.

What are the Windows shortcuts for Monex Trader?

  • “Ctrl + m” for Market Watch.
  • “Ctrl + n” for Navigator.
  • “Ctrl+ t” for Terminal.

My demo account expired, how do I create a new one?

  • On the Monex Trader select “File > Open an Account”.
  • Fill out the information details then check “I agree to subscribe to your newsletter”.
  • Follow the procedure.

How do I display/hide specific symbols on Market Watch?
Right click on “Market Watch > Symbols > [type of securities] > click Show/Hide button”.

How do I display/hide High/Low on Market watch?
Right click on “Market Watch > High/Low”.

How do I display the Bar Chart?
On Menu Bar select “Charts > Bar Chart”, or press “Alt + 1”.

How do I display the Candlestick Chart?
On Menu Bar select “Charts > Candlestick Chart”, or press “Alt + 2”.

How do I display the Line Chart?
On Menu Bar select “Charts > Line Chart”, or press “Alt + 3”.

How do I zoom in or out?
On the “Menu” bar select “Charts > Zoom in” or “Zoom out”, or press “+” or “-“.

How do I change the time period of the charts?
On the “Menu” bar select “Charts > Periodicity”.

How to insert Indicators?
On the “Menu” bar select “Insert > Indicators”.

How do I insert custom Indicators?
Make sure the file is “.mql” format, check the installation folder is C:\Program Files\Monex Trader\ and follow these steps:

  • Save the file into the following folder “C:\Program Files\Monex Trader\expert\indicators”.
  • Restart Monex Trader.
  • On the Menu Bar select “Insert > Indicators > Custom”.

How do I insert Trendlines or other line studies?
On the “Menu” bar select “View > Toolbars > Line Studies” then icons will appear next to the “Menu” bar.

How do I make Monex Trader load my chart settings each time I open it?
Firstly, on the Menu bar select “Charts > Template > Save” and then to load the template go to “Charts > Template > Load template”.

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