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Monex Trader is PT. Monex Investindo Futures’ trading platform metatrader that can be used by clients who want to trade online. Using Metatrader System ver.4.00 from Metaquotes Software Corp., online trading will give a transparency in quotes, balance reports, and high speed transaction.

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MONEX Mobile Trader

Monex Mobile Trader is an online service allowing clients to trade anywhere and anytime — through Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

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MONEX Multi Terminal

Monex Multi Terminal includes many of the functions of MT4 while providing additional capacity to manage multiple accounts, thus making it possible to follow the latest market news, receive system alerts and send messages, all from a single interface.

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Webmaster Tools

WEB TICKER Click on “Web ticker” to view major price tickers for forex, commodities, stock indices and CFDs.


TABLE WITH BID AND ASK Click Click on “Table with bid and ask” to view the bid and ask prices for major forex, commodities, stock indices and CFDs.


TABLE WITH BID, ASK, HIGH AND LOW Click Click on “Table with bid, ask, high and low”to view statistical information on the major rates for forex,commodities,stocks indices and CFDs.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open an account?
Click on “Accounts”, select "Open Live Account" and enter the required details. Our sales and marketing team will then contact you on how to proceed further. 

Is the Monex Investindo Futures’ Agreement form available in different languages?
At the moment the agreement form is only available in Indonesian

What is the minimum deposit to open an account?
The minimum deposit with which you can open a forex or index account is Rp 50m, equivalent to $4,090 (as of October 2014). 

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