Online Trading
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Along with the progress of time, transaction processes using the conventional telephone network or using certain codes have been abandoned, along with the birth of the computer-based execution transactions program. Through the platform, the command can be directly executed not only through computers but also through smartphones, and the order no longer requires the mediation of a representative broker.
Monex Trader is a trading platform designed by the Meta Quotes Systems, and is the best platform provided by Monex to the needs above.

The advantages of Monex Trader

  • Easy to understand and use - the main reason in selecting the trading platform than any other platform is ease of use (intuitive User Interface) . There are many online trading platforms in the market, but until now no equal ease to Monex Trader .
  • Real Price - The price shown can always be traded directly. Prices shown both demo account and real account , using real-time prices from the interbank.
  • Graphics - Availability of price charts that can help you in analysis. On the chart you can also directly execute transactions.
  • Transaction Report - you can monitor your transactions ' live '
  • Multi language - you can select more than 32 languages ​​in the operation of Monex Trader, including Indonesian.
  • High security - Trading through Monex Trader secured and free from the possibility of hsckers intervention.
  • Small bandwidth internet access - Access for Speed Internet network in Indonesia is relatively slow. So often investors experience the down internet experience while transacting. Access for light bandwidth for Monex Trader platform allows you to access even with a dial - up or GPRS ( via cell phone ).
  • Facilities and Meta Script Editor - This facility can help you put together a program trading strategies, auto trading editing (robot), etc.