Choosing Broker
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Broker is your partner that you rely on to be the executor of your transaction, although it looks difficult, the process of selecting a broker that you do before investing or trading, can make it easier and save you later.

Some of our facts below can you make judgment to compare the feasibility of a brokerage firm;

Brokerage Legality
The first and most important is the legality. The brokerage firm must obtain a license to operate from the Indonesian government regulatory body, in this case is BAPPEBTI. In addition, the broker must also be a part or member of the existing exchanges and official, in which case it is the BBJ, ICDX, KBI and ISI.
Look for brokers with permission and full membership, because it is a reflection of the seriousness and professionalism of the brokers in the industry.

Spreads and Commissions
With a legal brokers list in your hand, choose a company that has low spread (the difference between the buy and sell prices). Because  low spread has a meaning of 'low cost' and 'high liquidity'.
The large amount of commission you pay is also an important means to increase liquidity in addition to lower your transaction costs.

Research and Analysis
The third important factor is the availability of information and the results of an analysis of market conditions, which can help you to make your trading decisions. References such as these can take the form of daily, weekly and monthly. Look for brokers from your sort your list that gives a more complete reference.

Investment and trading are two a different worlds for the layman, and even perhaps to you as well. So that education program becomes an important factor that must be provided by the brokerage firm. Education can be in the form of training, seminars, books, articles or other media that can guide you step-by-step to understand this business well and in depth.

Diversified Products
A further factor after the above factors is the availability of a product that you would like to be traded. Companies that provide a broad range of products is a mirror of the existence of brokers in the industry, in addition to allow you to select and divert products that you think are appropriate.

Best Online Platform
Trading platform is a trading application program that runs your transactions online either from a computer or from a mobile phone. Surely this is the next factor that you should take note. The availability of a broad product will not benefit anything for you if there was no trading platform. And the best thing you do is take a leading brokerage platform, in terms of ease of implementation, speed of relief work and transactions.

24-Hour Support
Generally commodity products, derivatives or futures trading lasted nearly 24 hours. During this period you have any questions or have problems that require immediate settlement, the support of the company must also be ready and available.

Segregated Account and System Withdrawal
Segregated account is a bank account provided by a brokerage firm dedicated to customer funds, which is separate from the company's own account. The whole result of direct customer transaction activity calculated in this account, and will be stored safely because it is under the direct supervision of market institutions. This separate account is an obligation on the broker that has been set, you can check the account numbers in the relevant market. Choose a broker that provides easy alternative to a separate account in accordance with your beliefs bank, because it will help process your withdrawal.