Monex Trading Benefits

Monex Tranding Benefits

  • A futures brokerage you can trust
    Through our professionalism and legal transparency we can assist you in every transaction to make sure we are "your No. 1 financial partner".
  • 24 Hours Transactions Access And Customer Services Support 
    Customer services can be accessed 24 hours a day either by phone or through live chat to help solve customer difficulties in carrying out any transaction.
  • Liquidity and transparency
    You can enjoy transactions with high liquidity through the Monex Trader platform; also applicable when you execute withdrawals. Monex’s emphasis on transparency means you are always able to view your transactions and the condition of your account.

  • Competitive prices and spreads
    The Monex Trader platform’s running prices are in real-time and occur in the Global Interbank Market with very competitive spreads (the difference between buy and sell prices).

  • A popular, user-friendly trading platform
    Monex Trader platform uses Meta Trader 4 — created by Metaquotes Software — a trading platform that is easy to use, has a high execution speed and is very popular among traders and investors.

  • 24 Hours Market News And Analysis Access
    Our research team provides news and analysis available to the public 24 hours a day through — also accessible by email and telephone.

  • Training and education
    Part of Monex’s mission is to implement training and education for both internal and external parties. Our customers enjoy free access to any external seminars or training sessions run by our education department. 

  • Segregated accounts
    Customers’ funds are placed in accounts separate from the company’s operating account to ensure their safety — in banks designated by the government and under the direct supervision of clearing agencies. Accounts are available in USD and IDR.