Corporate Social Responsibility Program


We set aside Rp 1000 for every trade you execute for the education and betterment of Indonesian children.  

These small but regular, per-trade donations provide significant benefits to our recipient children, enabling them to study in a healthy environment, supplying clothes and books.

The funds have helped to build and refurbish buildings destroyed by natural disasters, provide clean water and relief from floods, conduct emergency evacuations and other services — in the hope of generating a better social environment for Indonesia’s future. The effects are priceless.

Since 2008, funds have been collected in pursuit of this goal through our “make a difference” (MAD) program. 

PT. Monex Investindo Futures appreciates the support of its clients in developing Indonesia’s future through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, details of which can be found on our CSR website www.monexmad.org.